Air Controller Chronograph
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Sea Rescue Diver range

The Sea Rescue Diver, a diver featured with the remarkable  ‘3-minute radio silence markers’ as often seen in a maritime Search and Rescue environment.

The right specs for diving, a durable construction, quality materials and combined with a classic timeless design assure that the SRD will stand the test of time.

Salvage Diver

After Sea Rescue a Salvage operation will automatically follow, two of a kind and they just belong together in a maritime search and rescue environment.

Same family, same breed but yet so different: the Salvage Diver design pays tribute to a classic diver and, at the same time, combines it with a stylish internal bezel and a glass ‘see-through’ case back.

Air controller range

The Air Controller, a pilot watch specifically designed to meet with the demanding aviation environment.

The TWCO Air Controller, a tribute to and inspired by the legendary Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II forward air controller and its heroic pilots.