About us

Who is behind TWCO?

It all started when Robbert Suurland, owner, founder, designer and full blooded watch aficionado decided to combine his experience and passion and started his own company. This was early 2012, soon after a new brand was born: TWCO Technical Watches.

What inspires us

We all know that the four classical elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water together with the fundamental forces Gravity, Electromagnetism, Strong and Weak Nuclear Force in fact control our daily lives. It’s always there and most of the time we don’t even notice or think about it.
Our source of inspiration in particular has to do with Water and Air.
We want to create both an outstanding line of Diver and Pilot watches that can deal with these elements and the fundamental forces of nature that come with it. The introduction of typical technological design features into our watches that can help with that truly fascinates and inspires us.


The timelessness of our designs, the quality of the materials alongside and profound workmanship must ensure that a TWCO watch is treasured for life. At the end it all comes down to quality, reliability, durability and last but not least an appealing and outstanding design. Design that stands out, showing both refinement, quality and that can stand the test of time!
We want to create watches that people like, appreciate and want to own!

Our Mission

A-Quality products and services to the customers and business partners we serve.
To be a long term, reliable, pleasant and knowledgeable supplier of a beautiful line of professional watches!